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Recovering from Rejection

Posted on April 17, 2010by rougedmount

I never gave any consideration to what my feelings would be, when faced with clear information on how my life would be, once I started living for myself again. It was easy to be buried alive, amid the “making do’s” and acquiescence that I took on as my own, as part of a marriage that had lasted for the sole purpose of raising children in a stable environment.
I knowingly gave up who I was and what I wanted. I considered the temporary, 20 year sacrifice  as something I could manage, when I initially decided to make the commitment to do so. The problem occurred in realizing that it is completely impossible to live without the love and affection of another human. It is its an innate human need, to be needed and wanted. To have someone truly know you and love you.
In giving yourself to someone, in allowing them close enough…

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