1 Million by Paco Rabanne!

I love this fragrance! I bought a bottle yesterday. I don’t care that it’s marketed towards men since I wear what I like and have had a much easier time finding something I like in the men’s perfume section.

The bottle is unique and classy, and really a very clever idea, but I’m surprised at how many people don’t realize that it is an imitation of a gold bar like the kind that was used in banks during the gold standard time before President Richard Nixon ended it for good. So, 1 Million in a gold bar is perfect. Except I absolutely hate the sprayer button. It’s very poorly designed and not the easiest to use, I can see why so many have had it die on them.

I first gained interest in this after smelling the female version, Lady Million and not liking it at all. This however, won me over instantly. It’s warm, but not overly so, making it tasteful for any time of the day. In the opening, I get a good deal of citrus and amber-like sweetness with a synthetic quality. It’s quickly followed by a blend of warm spice (mainly cinnamon), leather and just a hint of wood. As it dries down the synthetic quality thankfully goes away. The sweet note still remains, but it’s a very masculine and refined kind of sweetness, turning into a more boozy, almost creamy vanilla. It’s not loud and obnoxious like many women’s perfumes that scream cake and candy and girly flowers. I tend to hate sweet notes on myself, but this works with the spice and leather, and I really appreciate it. It just goes to show that sweet does not always equal feminine. The patchouli is definitely there as well and it adds a nice, crisp, overall sharpness.

This is also the strongest EDT I have ever come across. 1-3 sprays is really all you should go for. Even when I just wear one spray someone sitting a little ways away from me can easily smell it. It also lasts incredibly well; sometimes I can still smell it on my skin the next morning.

I absolutely adore spicy, masculine scents, and this spicy, musky, sharp, sweet fragrance is my new current favorite. It’s refreshing to have something spicy but not girly sweet and florally for a change, and I am so happy this works well with my skin. Oh, and another plus? I’m not going to smell like every other girl or woman! 🙂


3 thoughts on “1 Million by Paco Rabanne!

  1. My boyfriend had this and I didn’t like it much. For me, it smells like Car Freshener, not sexy at all!
    Very nice bottle design though..

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  3. If you like sweet ambery fragrances, maybe you will like Ambre Narguille by Hermes.

    I respect your opinion but to me 1 Million is the definition of loud obnoxious tackiness. From the whole concept of marketing a fragrance around money and gold to the synthetically sweet, as you put it, smell. You are right, though, any woman could pull it off – it definitely can pass as a unisex.

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