Givenchy Pi, Monyette Paris and Katy Perry’s Purr!

Givenchy Pi: this is another favorite fragrance of mine, to smell it on a man! I like how it’s sweet and dark, but there’s enough herbs and wood to keep it from being pastry-like. I think it’s very sexy and indeed one of those fragrances that makes me want to nuzzle on a guy’s neck! It makes me think of warm skin. I tried to wear it myself once because I was in love with the dry-down, but it was too strong and herbaceous on me. 😦 Lasting power is superb and I think it actually smells best hours after it’s applied.

Monyette Paris: This is a sexy, creamy gardenia. Intoxicating… It lasts at least 8 hours on me, and I catch whiffs of it on myself throughout the day. So on me at least, it has great lasting power. I don’t get coconut in this at all, the whole tropical theme to the fragrance makes me think of coconuts in passing maybe, but I don’t get the smell of them in it- though I adore coconut. This is not pure or fresh gardenia though, if you want that go to Kai (which is a bit too straightforward for me).

Purr (Katy Perry): Both my mother and I sampled this fragrance today. My mother thought it smelled very familiar and I took a couple sniffs and realized it’s very similar to the Gardenia Lily line from Bath and Body Works, which my mother has. There’s brief fruitiness in the top notes, then it’s pretty much all floral. The base notes were nearly undetectable on me, I didn’t get coconut or vanilla. I’m not sure the target market for this fragrance wants to smell so flowery — I notice a lot of reviewers on Basenotes interpret that as ‘mature’.

It’s not bad by any means, but I hardly find it unique, and I already have a perfume for a gardenia fix.

Two additional observations:
– it lasts at least several hours on me
– the bottle looked and felt like a toy.


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