Remembering Kristen Rene Schon

I met Kristen when I was out in San Diego years ago. We instantly hit it off and her bright personality was just like her smile, warmly ubiquitous. Her charming attitude made an instant impression on me, and we remained close friends up to her untimely passing on November 23, 2011. Kristen, I love and miss you. I wish you would have told me what was going on during the last days of your life. If only you could see the outpouring of support from everyone that knew and loved you. The world is lesser of a place without you because of how much better you made it while you were here. I hope you understand the impact you made on not only my life but on everybody’s lives of those that knew you. I’m lucky to have had a great friend like you. I just selfishly wish that you were still here.

I wrote this post because Kristen’s birthday is coming up on March 2nd. She would have been 22-years-old. To everyone reading, please please please be kind and considerate of others. We don’t know how the smallest deed or misdeed toward someone or kind or unkind words can have on a person. Before you want to pass judgment on another person, take an honest look at yourself and ask yourself, what makes you think you have the right to judge anybody.

If I could take away the pain that your family feels, I would. Your mother is an amazing, strong woman. We all love you Kristen.



7 thoughts on “Remembering Kristen Rene Schon

  1. I am Kristen’s mother and I came across this when I typed my daughter’s name in the search bar. I do that every now and then…I don’t know why, I just do. It makes me happy when I come across things like this. Thank you for sharing this about my daughter.

    • I’m Kristens uncle,my sister Diane turned me on to this posting.thank you for remembering kristen so fondly,it was beautiful.

  2. I’m Kristen’s cousin Candice. This was a beautiful post. It’s getting closer to that month every minute. I miss her so much. She was such a wonderful person and great at giving advice. She will always be in everyone’s heart.

  3. What was torturing this poor girls soul? She seemed to exude happiness if you consider her photos. Was anyone there in her final days to see a problem?

    • Kristen was VERY good at hiding things. I am her mother. We were together almost every day and a lot of nights I would spend the night with her. We would have some pretty deep conversations but never did she talk of suicide much less lead me to think she would ever consider such a thing. I was with her shortly before this happened and the only thing that had her in tears the evening before was a phone call from a relative which we discussed in great length and she had me believing she was fine with that. So no, those closest to he did not see this coming.

  4. Mark, Kristen was extremely good at hiding things. I know this for a fact. I am her mother and we were always doing things together. I was even with her just hours before and she didn’t act any different than she always did……happy, smiling, laughing. I picked her up from work that night and on the way home we were joking, talking and laughing. We had plans the following day. Earlier in the evening she had a falling out with a relative which we talked about extensively on the way to her work that night. By the time I dropped her off she made me think she was fine. Again, being her silly, laughing self.

  5. very sad diane this story may god have mercy on her soul so sad, i dident know her but she seemed like a lovely young woman r.i.p x

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