Some Food For Thought on Liars

So many people take for granted what this girl would love!

Just stating the obvious or what should be; if someone in your life that you love is a liar and you call them out on it and they don’t care, and their lying is destructive to your life, why should you really keep them involved in your life if there are no benefits to having them around? Don’t try to explain truths to them! And don’t write them a letter exposing facts and truths! They won’t listen nor will they read it! Liars don’t value truths! Liars are selfish and they simply don’t care if their lying is hurting someone that loves them.

Conversely, if you have or had someone in your life that unquestionably loves (or loved) you with every bit of themselves, why the fuck would you cut them out of your life completely in favor of someone that’s inferior!!?? Are you fucking stupid?! Don’t take advantage of someone that loves you more than anyone else on the planet ever will, because you will just fuck them up as well as their trust forever. I hate selfishness!!

Grr!!!! Makes me do this!

Grr!!!! Makes me do this!


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