Pondering Hate

I think when it comes to hating people – once you’ve got past the initial and slightly perverse horror of admitting you are capable of hatred – we’re all flawed. When you hate someone, you’re engaged in a battle with them. You might be battling for something specific, perhaps being able to walk away with a victory in an argument tucked under your belt. Sometimes it’s more general – you want, need, feel entitled to be happier than them. Always.

I think it’s bullshit. Hate is bullshit. To expect a person to always occupy a slightly lower position than you in the scale of emotional fulfilment, to rejoice when they suffer and curse when they’re ecstatic, it’s a never ending tyrant. And it’s never going to happen the way you wish. You’re going to get on with your life and they with theirs, you are going to experience pain and happiness that they will never be aware of, and they the same. That is life. And life will take you away from the person you hate.

In the long run, it will affect you more than it will ever affect them. So smile at them. Make sure your thoughts about how they have a crooked nose or an annoying laugh never graduate into poison dart insults, go home, do something that makes you happy and forget them.


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