Judge People By Their Actions, Not Their Words

A common mistake we all should learn to catch ourselves making is listening to someone’s words and forgetting what their true intent really is. It’s like, if someone tells you that they value you as a part of their lives and tell you that they will always be there for you if you ever need them, what kind of natural feeling do you have when, by the next day, they act like you don’t even exist? Disgust for that person since they’ve proven themselves to be liars! So, listen to a person’s words, but don’t take them as face value if their actions contradict the crap they say.

It’s like, if you tell me you have no desire to be in a relationship and that you are happy without one, then by the next week you are in a relationship with some random minx, then why did you bother saying otherwise in the first place? Be true with your intents.

If someone is constantly lying to you and hurting you without remorse, it’s only better for you to tell them to fuck right off and out of your life.

If you tell me that you are a “crazy, bad person” and portray yourself verbally as someone who’s deranged, don’t get into a relationship and procreate! Why should a person that calls themselves something like that be allowed to procreate? And people wonder why the world is in the shape that it’s in when idiots (liars) are having children…….

It would be a much better place to live if liars’ pants really caught on fire. 🙂


Eventually, karma always comes back to haunt you if you’ve wronged somebody that you shouldn’t have.


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