Ponderings on the Bad Guys

In films, everything just seems so much easier in terms of the enemy. Yes, they are evil, pure evil. But everyone is united with this zealous motivation to defeat them. Everyone accepts that devoting their time to ridding this person from their collective life is a worthy cause.

Then there is real life. You might be whacked in a school seating plan next to the enemy. They might be the one teaching the class. They might be your boyfriend’s best friend; they might be your best friend. If you want to gather an army against them, you might have to risk losing half yours because there is not just one mouldy little wart-nosed spy. There are about thirty. You might not have the weapons. Your weapons might dissolve on your tongue like sugar paper, mouth hanging open as their poison darts sink into your flesh.

It might take you a while to identify the enemy. I think that’s the worst, when it’s an inside job. When you find a person who has the ability to craft ‘I love you’s’ into bullets shot from kisses deep into your flesh, that is when you have a true nemesis. I wouldn’t be surprised if love is the most common defeat of all.

I wish I didn’t know what it felt like to have enemies.


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