I’m in LOVE With La Nuit de L’Homme!

This the number one fragrance I love on men. My boyfriend wears this when we are going to a black tie affair or a special occasion. He smells so good and looks yummy. Yves Saint Laurent’s La Nuit de L’Homme Is not too overpowering… just right! Perfect! This fragrance won’t behave badly or bother people or make you gag. Most men’s fragrances (mainstream, anyway) are a dime a dozen, but this one by YSL? I love so much!

Women are always complimenting my boyfriend on how good he smells and of course that makes me a bit on edge, so I make sure I’m around when he wears it! You can wear it all year around and it’s suitable for any time of the day.

This is also perfect for the guy that is tired of being single or, hm, a fragrance for “gaming” if you know what I mean. Women will do whatever you like with this one on, trust me. And many men I know wear this, and they are chick magnets. You can be average, with a receding hairline, average body, have dull teeth and score Miss October or December! Ciao and enjoy!


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