Rebekka’s Interpretation of Blink 182’s “I Miss You”

This song came out during my senior year of high school and it instantly resonated with me. I don’t like the band, but at the time the song got through to me. I had a pretty bad breakup, it was just out of nowhere, and we had talked about how it was gonna be us forever. I remember hearing this song around that time and it made me think of how my then-boyfriend felt.

The song is beautifully depressing. It’s like he’s calling out for his heartbreak but in the back of his mind he knows their love will never truly come back. He’s desperately calling out for that part of her that was so beautiful, but that part is dead and she’s now a new person who broke his heart. It’s like he’s caught in a median; he’s completely confused with this girl he loves that has changed. She’s just dead to him, and it’s like he’s being eaten from the inside out by the memories of her love.

The first verse is about the man reminiscing of how he met her. “Hello there, the angel from my nightmare”… this line says a lot, I interpreted it as his life not going well like he was depressed and had no one to go to. Then, when all hope was lost, he met her and fell in love, seeing her as an angel sent to save him. Her love being a brightness in the dark. The rest of it establishes how close they become, always being in contact, doing things their way, and wishing the time they have together will never end.

blink 182 i miss you
The second verse is him trying to sleep after she left him. “Where are you? And I’m so sorry; I cannot sleep, I cannot dream tonight”. He’s sitting there, knowing she’s gone but not used to her not being with him. He can’t accept what’s happened and at first tries to blame himself “I’m so sorry”. He tries to sleep but he can’t sleep. She’s the only thing on his mind preventing him from dreaming. “This sick, strange darkness, comes creeping up, so haunting over time”. He’s trying to get his mind off of her, but every time the pain creeps back up on him and finds him. “Like indecision to call you and hear your voice of treason”. He wants to call her and work things out, but he knows she won’t allow him, so he’s trying to resist. She promised to “live like Jack and Sally” and be there forever and now she’s going back on her promise, her “words of treason. “Will you come home and stop this pain tonight? Stop this pain tonight!” He gives in to the pain and calls her but this time has lost all hope and simply begs for her to come back so he can stop hurting.

“Don’t waste your time on me, you’re already the voice inside my head”. She feels bad for him and guilty for hurting him, so she offers him a friendship and tells him she still wants to be there for him. He doesn’t want this hollow friendship and tells her not to waste her time because all the loving things she said in the past were the only thing in his head. As the piano increases in speed he’s panicking, coming to the realization this fake friendship is all she has to offer and his memories of the two of them inside his head are all he’ll ever have. As it slows down again to echo the chorus it’s a bittersweet feeling, he is still heartbroken over losing her but finds some peace in the memories he has in his head and his heart.


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