A Telegram Before You Go…Stop

There are people who will
not dissolve like snowflakes
at your touch before you
can even remember which
bits of them were jagged
and which curved against

there will be sunrises
that you can welcome
in solitary and see through
until the end without
faltering; and should you lack
a hulk of human, still rough with
sleep and
sex, remember that sunrises
are more of an alone thing

and remember that there is no
stop, there is only pause,
and the underground doors
are only open for a few seconds
and no matter what you’re dragging
in your wake you’ve just got to jump
in, because you’ve got somewhere
important to be;

and that no-one can tell you
how much time to dwell on
a semi colon for,
because words for all their
beauty are forever
condemned to be the bearers
of bad news;

and remember most of all
that even on days when
particles and circumstances
catch in the back of your throat
like dust and abort your
stories, on days when there are
no oddities to throw into the leering
face of normality, even when all you
have time for is a pause, a break,
a power nap, a falter,

a teaspoon’s worth
of tears,

remember on those days
that I love you.

Because those are the days
that you need to remember how to


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