Settling Down Too Early

I have so many friends (maybe just acquaintances) that have already, in their late 20s, been married once and divorced. Even a few that have been married twice in this span!

From the time you are 15 and 20, you will be a completely different person.
From the time you are 20 and 25, you will be a completely different person.
From the time you are 25 and 30, you will be a completely different person.

After that, you are usually stuck in your ways, but the point is that you are a human being and you will keep evolving. Young relationships typically don’t last, regardless of the chemistry or the fondness the two people have for one another. It’s a lot of work, stress, hardship and heartache. It seems that lots of people today use marriage just as a billboard to say “Hey! Look at us! Look! Look! Look! Hey! Look! We are in love! It’s official!” in order to validate their union to other people.

Before you take the plunge into marriage life, please disclose your life to your partner at all costs. If you have ever lied to a past love, cheated on a past love, led a past love on, etc. you should tell your partner that. You may think you are a different person now, but truth is, you have lied and cheated before, and you are more than capable of lying and cheating again because you are no stranger to doing such things.

If you have lied to or cheated on someone, and your girlfriend/boyfriend asks you if you’ve ever cheated on someone and you say “No”, don’t get married. You don’t deserve being called a husband or wife.

Don’t pretend to be an angel when you are not.

Don’t act like you have never fucked someone’s life over when you have.

Don’t settle down when you are just a kid. Wait until you are a mature adult that is capable of admitting your fuck-ups and deep losses in life.


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