Fahrenheit by Dior!

One of my exes wore the classic Dior Fahrenheit. I actually had not smelled it in a couple of years until today. I got a whiff of it from someone around me (not sure who). Oh my god, all the memories rushed back. It’s funny how scents can do that to your brain, the way they enter a part where memories lay, ones you haven’t thought about in a while. The scent of Fahrenheit takes me back to that distinct time period.

christian dior fahrenheitFahrenheit smells like a sexy chainsaw or a virile lawnmower. There is something very mechanical in the mix, blending wonderfully with fresh cut grass or wood chips. It doesn’t smell like a cologne, but rather it smells like you have been working outside. Love it. Now if only I could convince my current boyfriend to wear it… (yeah, despite the memories I have secretly attached to the scent, I miss its smell.)


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