So, Like, Cupcakes.

Cupcakes are undoubtedly the best food you can bake if you’re feeling sad. Not too adventurous; you don’t have to go to the ends of the earth to pull ingredients together, or sit around waiting for things to chill or boil or freeze. It’s almost certain that everything will come together as it has done dozens of times before. And at the end you have at least twelve opportunities to eat a particularly flavoursome edition of your feelings. Even in the middle of the night after a risky journey through your darkened kitchen, because hey, it’s better than crying.
so like cupcakes

These are ‘peaches and cream cupcakes’. They come from a hummingbird bakery recipe – basically like their vanilla cupcakes but with a peach base. If anyone’s interested they’re from the Cake Days cookbook by hummingbird. I made them at ten o clock at night with all the windows open, sassily(?) whisking along to Beyonce. Really does suck to be you right now, because the you in question sure aren’t getting any of my baked goods.

I intend to ice these babies and retreat to my newly-cleaned bedroom with Game of Thrones. Take that, misery.


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