Today, I Logged Into MySpace for the First Time in Years

I thought I would have forgotten my email and password by now, but nope, I remembered them. I expected to be hit by a flashback of memories when I logged into MySpace, but instead I saw how everything was wiped out.

I made my MySpace account sometime in 2004, and everything. All comments and all the messages. Gone.

Kinda sad, really. It’s like missing history. I feel like I should have saved some of the old messages, perhaps copy and pasted them to Wordpad or something. I dislike how everything was deleted.

First world problems? I feel like it’s so tragic that I can’t just go back and read old messages from over the years since they are all gone now. Ugh. Even though I never cared to log in and read them before, it bothers me that I can’t do it now!

MySpace, why did you wipe out everyone’s message and comment history?!


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