I Think My Boyfriend Has Commitment Issues

Do any of my dear readers want to help me out or diagnose a situation? I sure could use your help! My boyfriend who I’ve been dating for the better part of this year is extremely aloof and noncommittal over certain aspects of our relationship. He’s wonderful, virtually perfect as a man, but I want more. I have this fear that he is never going to fully commit to me. Even though he hasn’t stated it, I think he’s still not over his ex. She lied to him, cheated on him and led him on for years of his life. I have no idea why a dumb bitch like that would lead on a perfect man like him. That’s awful. But sometimes I feel like he’s completely broken. Am I just the rebound? If any of my readers can offer me some sound advice, that would be wonderful!


3 thoughts on “I Think My Boyfriend Has Commitment Issues

  1. You sound like you are just the rebound girl, Rebekka. I know that’s not what you want to hear, but why would you expect commitment from a guy that was just screwed over in his previous relationships? This isn’t a reflection on you, it’s just the way it is. You can’t blame him for not wanting to be committal at this juncture. Especially if he never received closure from his ex or if his ex never took accountability and responsibility for her actions. Don’t expect instant commitment. It will take time for him to do it. A loooooooong time.

    • She gave him a half-hearted excuse and an insincere apology. Ugh, why’d she have to do this to him before he and I could be together?! I hate being the rebound! The word carries such a negative connotation to it! 😦

      • They just dated, right? He should be thankful he never married or had a couple of kids with her before finding out that she’s a cheater! Once a cheater, always a cheater. She will cheat on the next guy or have an unplanned bastard child with him (next guy) and he’ll be obligated to be there in that horrid situation for at least 18 years. That would be awful.

        Your boyfriend should be lucky he’s not in that situation. 🙂 He’s in an amazing relationship with you, somebody who isn’t a liar or a cheater, head and shoulders above the disloyal slut from before.

        Give him time. 🙂

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