Forgiveness is a salve, they say.  Forgiveness helps to heal the pain and allows you to grow and mature and move forward.  But what if you feel like you are the one that needs the apology?  What if you feel like, in order to move forward, you need not be the one to make the first move?

You can’t control another person’s movement.  You can’t force someone to feel remorse, to come to you, to apologize, to try and mend.  It’s not your place.  So then how do you forgive?

How do you move past when every memory forces anger and pain?

How do you stop yourself from being stuck.  Because the only one hurting is you.  In the end, it is your well-being that is compromised.  In the end it is you who suffers.

But yet you have to forgive.  You have to do whatever you need to do to forgive and move past.  Because holding on only hurts you and no one else.  Remembering only makes you the victim.  And being the victim stifles your movement forward.

Somehow you must get to a place where you can truly forgive.  Mainly it’s forgiving your own self.  And healing from the emotions that haunt.


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