Christian Dior’s Fahrenheit = LOVE!

TMI alert: I think the first time I inhaled this….MASTERPIECE of a male fragrance it induced my ovulation. Sorry for being so unashamedly expressive about it but it is the plain truth. I wasn’t sure at the time what ingredients made up this bewitching fragrance but goodness me it was a bit much for my then teenager self to take! I was all blushes and giggles when I caught a whiff of this. I felt terribly naughty and hoped I’d someday find a boyfriend who I can spray this on (and would like it).

It was masculine, sexy, versatile, reminded me of those diamond in the rough sorts that can step off a Harley-Davidson and still look good in an Armani suit. An all-around man. A do-er not a talker.

I will mention that I haven’t sniffed the latest formulation of this, therefore I cannot offer opinion. But, I will say I am happy to have known this fragrance in its heyday and it holds nothing but feel good memories for me.


One thought on “Christian Dior’s Fahrenheit = LOVE!

  1. Florals are my first love in fragrance, and this is a true classic.
    Aromas like musk from natural ingredients are extremely complex and
    have been impossible to imitate through synthetic aromatics like
    nitro-musks or macrocyclic musks. Freud believed that stimulating the unconscious
    was crucial to creating desire, and therefore is conducive to economic progress and mass

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