Polo Red by Ralph Lauren Review!

I don’t mind that this fragrance is getting all these BAD REVIEWS. Wanna know why? Body chemistry, dearie…simple as that. Although I will agree that this scent gave me a case of deja-eau (I’ve experienced this fancy smellin’ water before somewhere), I’m enjoying the fact that on me, it transforms itself into something that doesn’t smell ANYTHING like all those generic fragrances out there.

Although I am female, I make my own rules when it comes to pleasures, so even though Polo Red was intended for males, I read about this fragrance’s ingredients and they seemed to beckon my attention. The color of the bottle pleased me as well so it seemed only natural I give it a try. Now, I wouldn’t consider this a very masculine scent but I wouldn’t call it feminine either. It reminded me a little of Jil Sander’s Feeling Man but not as complex and less sensual and also, of the old Polo Sport but not as vivid or aquatic. Which speaking of aquatic, I don’t sense any “heat” coming from this fragrance too, it seems “almost” aquatic. Hm, let me get a few more sniffs from my wrists so I can take a moment to be more clear about my review, k?

-35 min later-

Polo Red…
if there is anything I’ve enjoyed from Ralph Lauren’s fragrance lines is that he has a way of releasing really good fragrances for the athletic, outdoorsy types. I personally wouldn’t wear this for a romantic dinner, nor the office. But, I would use to keep me happily burning along at the gym or when I feel particularly more dominant than usual when out and about.

On my body chemistry, there is no coffee bean scent whatsoever and I even noticed some ubiquitous note that reminded me of dragon’s blood incense. The fresh and invigorating scent of red grapefruit combined with the warmth of amber, the clean and soothing qualities of lavender, and list of other ingredients I’m sure they kept to themselves highly pleased my senses. So yes, I shall enjoy it while it is on the shelves.

The sillage is excellent but the one major disappointment for me about this fragrance was the longevity, a pitiful 2 hours. So if I can’t get my hands on a full size vintage Jil Sander Feeling Man, I’ll shoot for this lovely scent instead.


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