Can You Ever Stop Loving Someone After a Relationship is Over? No.

If your love was real, you never stop loving them.

If the other person ever meant anything to you, you always will feel something for them. Even if it ended bitterly, there will be a residue of feelings. That’s just how love works.

As much as I wish my heart had an on/off switch and I could just go on with my life, ending loving feelings for someone has never been that easy. It is like a funeral “In loving memory of…..” because in the end it’s just the memories of both the good and the bad that stays long after the love is gone. Emotions are complex, when a relationship ends there is an undefined part of you that stays with that person no matter what. Perhaps because at one point in your life he/she is what makes you WHOLE.

But put quite simply, the person you loved, (still love?) doesn’t really exist anymore except inside your head and your heart. What we truly mean when we say, “I still love Him/Her” is that we love OUR MEMORY of that person and that love.


4 thoughts on “Can You Ever Stop Loving Someone After a Relationship is Over? No.

  1. Respectfully disagree. What if you loved something (someone) that wasn’t real? Is the love still real if the object wasn’t? Flip that and reverse it — why can’t we disassociate love from its object? If the memory is the object then it’s easy to love someone and yet not love them anymore. But, really I wonder why can’t real things, like love, end, while still being that real thing?

    Nice post =)

    • Hey, thanks for visiting and commenting!!! 😀

      I think love is an energy. Energy, as all scientists know, cannot disappear, but its form may change. Hence the lyric “There’s a thin line between love and hate”.

      • You’re welcome!

        Fair enough — so the energy isn’t gone, just changed. But, honestly, I feel like love as memory rings truer (sp?) to me… I mean, have you ever known someone so well that you’ve ended up forgetting a lot about them? I guess stuff like that is how I always thought about love.

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