Polo Red by Ralph Lauren Review!

I don’t mind that this fragrance is getting all these BAD REVIEWS. Wanna know why? Body chemistry, dearie…simple as that. Although I will agree that this scent gave me a case of deja-eau (I’ve experienced this fancy smellin’ water before somewhere), I’m enjoying the fact that on me, it transforms itself into something that doesn’t smell ANYTHING like all those generic fragrances out there.

Although I am female, I make my own rules when it comes to pleasures, so even though Polo Red was intended for males, I read about this fragrance’s ingredients and they seemed to beckon my attention. The color of the bottle pleased me as well so it seemed only natural I give it a try. Now, I wouldn’t consider this a very masculine scent but I wouldn’t call it feminine either. It reminded me a little of Jil Sander’s Feeling Man but not as complex and less sensual and also, of the old Polo Sport but not as vivid or aquatic. Which speaking of aquatic, I don’t sense any “heat” coming from this fragrance too, it seems “almost” aquatic. Hm, let me get a few more sniffs from my wrists so I can take a moment to be more clear about my review, k?

-35 min later-

Polo Red…
if there is anything I’ve enjoyed from Ralph Lauren’s fragrance lines is that he has a way of releasing really good fragrances for the athletic, outdoorsy types. I personally wouldn’t wear this for a romantic dinner, nor the office. But, I would use to keep me happily burning along at the gym or when I feel particularly more dominant than usual when out and about.

On my body chemistry, there is no coffee bean scent whatsoever and I even noticed some ubiquitous note that reminded me of dragon’s blood incense. The fresh and invigorating scent of red grapefruit combined with the warmth of amber, the clean and soothing qualities of lavender, and list of other ingredients I’m sure they kept to themselves highly pleased my senses. So yes, I shall enjoy it while it is on the shelves.

The sillage is excellent but the one major disappointment for me about this fragrance was the longevity, a pitiful 2 hours. So if I can’t get my hands on a full size vintage Jil Sander Feeling Man, I’ll shoot for this lovely scent instead.


My Experience With Christian Dior’s Poison

Was back in the 90’s when I was just a preteen misfit. My babysitter at the time had brought a drunken friend over who passed out on the couch to sleep off a hangover while I was on the way to school. I walked over to her inebriated skanky person and noticed she had left her purse open. I looked in to make sure she didn’t have drugs because the LAST thing I wanted is to leave to school wondering if there were drugs in the house where my brother (who was still a child at the time) might get curious and accidently ingest some.

I looked around her bag…
very nice zippo lighter
something which I think was a pregnancy test (could have been a spermicide applicator)
loose change
ripped paper with an unknown number on it

a most intriguing dark purple bottle.


It was fairly new, for the bottle was mostly full and I can smell its magic faintly from the sprayer. I went ahead and spritzed some in the air and was immediately wrapped in a fog of seductive complexity. It was sweet but far from “girly”, it was the scent of mystery and ambiguity…sophisticated and distinctive. I turned the bottle to view its name and realized, ironically, I had been…Poisoned. After the smoke weakened and lingered…I looked over to the passed out woman and looked back at the bottle.

It was then when I knew, I had to save this perfume from the clutches of this unworthy bimbo. So it was then, where Poison became my potion. An untypical action of mine that I felt was a necessary evil.

On my skin (then and to this day) the scent seems to repel females but attract males (or those who are Two Spirited)…which I certainly felt was an advantage. I wore it mainly for myself, because it made me feel really good and whenever I spritz it on I remember our dirty past together. It seduced me into doing something I was told not to do. But how could I resist?

It was Eve…
the apple…
and the serpent.

Christian Dior’s Fahrenheit = LOVE!

TMI alert: I think the first time I inhaled this….MASTERPIECE of a male fragrance it induced my ovulation. Sorry for being so unashamedly expressive about it but it is the plain truth. I wasn’t sure at the time what ingredients made up this bewitching fragrance but goodness me it was a bit much for my then teenager self to take! I was all blushes and giggles when I caught a whiff of this. I felt terribly naughty and hoped I’d someday find a boyfriend who I can spray this on (and would like it).

It was masculine, sexy, versatile, reminded me of those diamond in the rough sorts that can step off a Harley-Davidson and still look good in an Armani suit. An all-around man. A do-er not a talker.

I will mention that I haven’t sniffed the latest formulation of this, therefore I cannot offer opinion. But, I will say I am happy to have known this fragrance in its heyday and it holds nothing but feel good memories for me.

Dior Homme Sport

Ah, heres my favorite fresh/citrus/lemony/sweet/ginger designer sports fragrance.

In my honest opinion, this is one of the best citrus fragrances out there in line with Chanel Allure Sport, but not too lemony AKA lemon meringue pie. This one has a ginger prominent base. This is not your typical sporty lemon/citrus scent — this one has class, sophistication, confidence and elegance.

This one is a total stunner — I get compliments period! Out of ten people I’ve asked about this scent, all they say is “it smells good”. No negative feedback on this one so far. Works very well in the summer, but you can wear it all year around. The scent reminds me of ginger soaked with sugar cane syrup blended with lemon and grapefruit. Very well balanced not synthetic at all.

Longevity: 9/10. I get anywhere between 7 to 10 hours out of it.
Sillage: 7/10. Projects more on hot days. No surprise.
Uniqueness: 10/10. I’d say the only ginger based sport frag done well.
Overall smell: 9/10!

The Real Value of a Fragrance

Is fragrance collecting an expensive waste of money?

First of all, fragrances are, in fact, a luxury. We could all live perfectly normal functional (albeit more dull) lives without them, but they are luxuries.

Those who think fragrances are expensive haven’t ever looked into upgrading cars, computer upgrading, trading cards, gun-owning, motorcycling, etc. And fragrances almost always have guaranteed scarcity, which means 1ml of anything will be worth the same in 10 years as it is now (if not more due to reformulation). How many hobbies can you name where value is retained? Even silver and gold have spikes every now and then.

But I look at some of the same people who would criticize someone for spending $1000 on 20 fragrances, and see that, they in a sense, “waste money” too.

There are plenty of people who celebrate Easter and Christmas with $200 family dinners at fancy restaurants. And it all food decomposes into the same thing in the end.

There are people who spend $1000 on a one-week cruise or vacation (hell, there are people who spend $3000+ on that). And that’s perfectly acceptable. But when you buy a couple of fragrances, that’s somehow waste of money.

Why would I spend $1000 on something that will only last a week? One week later you’ll be back at work and that money would have practically vanished. Me, I’ll be able to enjoy what I purchased for 5-10 years.

And that’s the value that fragrances have. They last 5-10 years (at the very least) if you take care of them. And if I wanted, at any time, I could sell my entire collection for almost all that I paid for it.

There isn’t a whole lot that you can purchase which will still remain usable or relevant in 10 years.

The point is no luxury is really better than any other luxury. All that matters is that you are happy. If you have the money, spend it on what you enjoy. If you don’t, then be more conservative.

But you can’t compare the cost of a fragrance to the cost of a vacation, they work on very different levels. Apples and Oranges.

I have trips that stand in my memory as very significant, I wouldn’t trade them for anything still, even though they are over. I don’t want that money back, it wasn’t a waste.

But it is a luxury, no one needs even one bottle. The only value will be to yourself, as with any hobby. Other people can’t put a value on someone else’s interests. My dad asks me all the time “are you still wasting money on all that perfume?” I have to politely say “no, I’ve never wasted any money on any of my fragrances.” I can’t counter him with anything though, they aren’t the collecting type. Unless you count my Dad’s continued desire to take college classes even though he’s retired now, he collects knowledge. I would call that a waste of time, but that’s for myself, not him.

One thing is certain, depending on how deep you get into fragrance collection, it has the option of being very VERY expensive.

But, you can’t put a price on memories. Especially holidays.

Sensual Amber from Bath & Body Works

I really liked this scent in the room diffuser, so I purchased the lotion and fragrance spray. It is a vanilla, fruity, candied “amber”- not very dark or powdery as other amber fragrances I’ve smelled. I believe it’s a bit overwhelming in warmer temperatures, so I prefer to wear it in cool weather, and in my opinion it smells best after it has faded.

My experience has been that this fragrance attracts attention from men. I was told I smell “like chocolate”, and my dance instructor interrupted the class to tell everyone he thought I smelled “amazing.”

Givenchy Pi, Monyette Paris and Katy Perry’s Purr!

Givenchy Pi: this is another favorite fragrance of mine, to smell it on a man! I like how it’s sweet and dark, but there’s enough herbs and wood to keep it from being pastry-like. I think it’s very sexy and indeed one of those fragrances that makes me want to nuzzle on a guy’s neck! It makes me think of warm skin. I tried to wear it myself once because I was in love with the dry-down, but it was too strong and herbaceous on me. 😦 Lasting power is superb and I think it actually smells best hours after it’s applied.

Monyette Paris: This is a sexy, creamy gardenia. Intoxicating… It lasts at least 8 hours on me, and I catch whiffs of it on myself throughout the day. So on me at least, it has great lasting power. I don’t get coconut in this at all, the whole tropical theme to the fragrance makes me think of coconuts in passing maybe, but I don’t get the smell of them in it- though I adore coconut. This is not pure or fresh gardenia though, if you want that go to Kai (which is a bit too straightforward for me).

Purr (Katy Perry): Both my mother and I sampled this fragrance today. My mother thought it smelled very familiar and I took a couple sniffs and realized it’s very similar to the Gardenia Lily line from Bath and Body Works, which my mother has. There’s brief fruitiness in the top notes, then it’s pretty much all floral. The base notes were nearly undetectable on me, I didn’t get coconut or vanilla. I’m not sure the target market for this fragrance wants to smell so flowery — I notice a lot of reviewers on Basenotes interpret that as ‘mature’.

It’s not bad by any means, but I hardly find it unique, and I already have a perfume for a gardenia fix.

Two additional observations:
– it lasts at least several hours on me
– the bottle looked and felt like a toy.

Black XS!

Speaking of Paco Rabanne, I wish more guys wore Black XS! Every guy I encounter (around here, anyway) reeks of Aqua di Gio or Cool Water! Yes, it has the uber-synthetic dry strawberry note that feminizes the scent, but if a man has the confidence to pull it off, it becomes a sexy scent! I bought a bottle for one of my ex-boyfriends and he became VERY cuddly with it (not that he wasn’t before). It was hard to stop myself from sniffing him! Ahhh! 😛

1 Million by Paco Rabanne!

I love this fragrance! I bought a bottle yesterday. I don’t care that it’s marketed towards men since I wear what I like and have had a much easier time finding something I like in the men’s perfume section.

The bottle is unique and classy, and really a very clever idea, but I’m surprised at how many people don’t realize that it is an imitation of a gold bar like the kind that was used in banks during the gold standard time before President Richard Nixon ended it for good. So, 1 Million in a gold bar is perfect. Except I absolutely hate the sprayer button. It’s very poorly designed and not the easiest to use, I can see why so many have had it die on them.

I first gained interest in this after smelling the female version, Lady Million and not liking it at all. This however, won me over instantly. It’s warm, but not overly so, making it tasteful for any time of the day. In the opening, I get a good deal of citrus and amber-like sweetness with a synthetic quality. It’s quickly followed by a blend of warm spice (mainly cinnamon), leather and just a hint of wood. As it dries down the synthetic quality thankfully goes away. The sweet note still remains, but it’s a very masculine and refined kind of sweetness, turning into a more boozy, almost creamy vanilla. It’s not loud and obnoxious like many women’s perfumes that scream cake and candy and girly flowers. I tend to hate sweet notes on myself, but this works with the spice and leather, and I really appreciate it. It just goes to show that sweet does not always equal feminine. The patchouli is definitely there as well and it adds a nice, crisp, overall sharpness.

This is also the strongest EDT I have ever come across. 1-3 sprays is really all you should go for. Even when I just wear one spray someone sitting a little ways away from me can easily smell it. It also lasts incredibly well; sometimes I can still smell it on my skin the next morning.

I absolutely adore spicy, masculine scents, and this spicy, musky, sharp, sweet fragrance is my new current favorite. It’s refreshing to have something spicy but not girly sweet and florally for a change, and I am so happy this works well with my skin. Oh, and another plus? I’m not going to smell like every other girl or woman! 🙂