Rebekka’s Quick, Simple Rules on How to be Happy!

donoharmDo not lie. Do not cheat on somebody that loves you more than anyone else ever possibly will. Appreciate that person and do not screw them over. Abide by want you want, write down your plans and go after what you want.

I haven’t posted in quite some time! I’ve had quite the busy year! But a productive one, to say the least.

Rebekka Roderick



For Ben

The ungloved parts of my hands are cold.
The adventure playground clings to Tarmac;
it is dark. We can’t see the tips of our toes as we swing.
You have too many fingers for the monkey bars.

Fifteen minutes ago.
Past the middle-class postage-stamp estate which holds most of us.
Our friends chase the coloured blooms back
to the chemicals that made them.
You say it’s poetic.
I like the way the ash lingers;
the way the grass flames like a city under siege.

A child as high as our empty hands
stands, cupping each explosion with the o of his mouth.
To him, they are still just fireworks.

Who’s idea was the park?
We, old enough to know that skin
sticks to slide; perhaps we have exams tomorrow.
The LED screams of your phone screen find no listeners in this blackness.
Gaudy primary colours, chipped,
revealing rusty bars.

The horizon is a mauve bruise
behind the red metal fence.

We would annotate those fireworks.
Stack them into equations;
solve them so that they explode
with no remainders.

A gold plume ruptures the night.
Forks into paths like a bird’s foot.
It is your metaphor for how we will leave,
separate, carving lives through the clouds.

It’s the saddest thing I’ve ever heard.
But look, you say,
how they sparkle when they leave.

Library Card

Your name.
A starting point.
A return-by date
that passed as emptily as all the others.
Overdue penalties will not apply,
I assure you.

You left me with the mess,
and I organised tears into parallel lines;
scheduled drunken phone calls
after appointments with faces I chose not to remember.

All I have left
is this cold card,
a joke missing her punch line,
the legislation.

I packed up every memory.
Now, stood in the empty room of us –
pale walls with paler shadows –
I’ve forgotten which box will tell me
how to tell you to come back.

I Think My Boyfriend Has Commitment Issues

Do any of my dear readers want to help me out or diagnose a situation? I sure could use your help! My boyfriend who I’ve been dating for the better part of this year is extremely aloof and noncommittal over certain aspects of our relationship. He’s wonderful, virtually perfect as a man, but I want more. I have this fear that he is never going to fully commit to me. Even though he hasn’t stated it, I think he’s still not over his ex. She lied to him, cheated on him and led him on for years of his life. I have no idea why a dumb bitch like that would lead on a perfect man like him. That’s awful. But sometimes I feel like he’s completely broken. Am I just the rebound? If any of my readers can offer me some sound advice, that would be wonderful!