Rebekka’s Quick, Simple Rules on How to be Happy!

donoharmDo not lie. Do not cheat on somebody that loves you more than anyone else ever possibly will. Appreciate that person and do not screw them over. Abide by want you want, write down your plans and go after what you want.

I haven’t posted in quite some time! I’ve had quite the busy year! But a productive one, to say the least.

Rebekka Roderick



Listen to yourself.
You are a music note
Woven together with countless others.
There is a symphony resting on your shoulders.
You are a letter,
An acrobat stretching yourself across the world
To form words.
To write novels, to pull tears from eyes
Or sculpt smiles.

You are as necessary as the first cry of a baby
Or the last train home.
You are important because you are one of billions,
Not in spite of it.